Saturday, January 12, 2013

My new book in the horizon: THE BRILLIANT GEYSER

The new book I'm writing will be called THE BRILLIANT GEYSER (keys to achieving continuous ecstasy). It will be a book about the theoretical and practical aspects of Eugnosia, the Gnosis of Ecstasy.

An excerpt from the book concerning the significance of ecstasy:

"The ecstasy should be practiced every day, every hour, every moment. One need to expand it and deepen it continuously. Ecstasy is actually the true embodiment of gnosis, its final and complete manifestation in the corporal, physical. Now we talk about something that is the biggest mystery of gnosis. True gnosis is never devoid of pleasure. It comes along with a transcendental state of being, which is perceived as a totally altered state, as a total, quantum leap of the whole being. We experience it as if we were suddenly thrown out into a free space. There is a feeling of weightlessness and mild shudder, as if we shudder all through the whole body, the spine and limbs. The whole of our being is trembling and pulsating, and the enthusiasm that we experience is something that is the most wonderful and the most magnificent thing. It is the merging of all emotions in a unique hyper-emotion, which surpass our ordinariness and makes us completely free of the influences of the environment."

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